The Raspberry Pi Imager is used in windows to load the Raspberry Pi os and others on to SD cards to use in a raspberry pi. This tool makes it very easy to load the pi and get started. but that's not what this note is about. What i want to call attention to is that there is an advanced set of option that allows you to pre-configure things like:

  1. Passwords
  2. enable SSH and keys
  3. Hostname
  4. WIFI ssid
  5. Local

These are all things you will have to configure when you first login to the OS. So it is simpler to do it in the imager. 

You can download the Raspberry Pi Imager here

Accessing advanced mode is very simple. With the imager screen active press:


The advanced menu is especially useful when setting up the pi for headless operation as it eliminates all the messing with files on the SD card