• Bios serial number for virtual machines in hyper-v

    You can get the Bios serial number from a hyper-v vm the same way you would get the service tag from a pc using the following command. 

    wmic bios get serialnumber

    You get a number like:

    This number should remain constant. how ever i do can't confirm this as i have not tested what happens when the VM is moved from hyper-v server to another or even to another vm platform like virtual box. 

  • How to Convert OVA/OVF to VHD

    Method for conversion


    Extract .vmdk from OVA using 7zip.
    Install Virtualbox
    Run from command line : VBoxManage.exe" clonemedium --format vhd infile.vmdk outfile.vhd

    or for older versions of Virtualbox

    VBoxManage.exe" clonehd --format vhd infile.vmdk outfile.vhd

    2. qemu-img for windows
    Great command line tool to convert from ova to vhd or vhdx

    3. CloneVDI
    There is a free GUI program out there called CloneVDI that does not require any command line and has a few extra options. Did not used this one yet.